March 12, 2013

For those who love colors

And who doesn‘t, right? Personally I LOVE colors. They are my main inspiration and "creation fuel" :)
So this all started while browsing in Pinterest (like most of the times lately). I was looking for information about some polymer clay technique for the polymer clay class I‘m teaching now. And I stumbled upon an interesting post about some miracle template witch let‘s you to pick colors for extruded canes (the Retro cane to be exact). "Well this is extremely helpful!"– I thought. Tried it and loved it. It lets you pick 5 colors and gives you the final look, the result will even change if you rearrange the color order. It‘s so great, no more wondering "will this look good in the cane?", and let me tell you it‘s FUN. I made three color combinations, though it was really late and I was barely keeping my eyes open. I think anybody who makes these extruded canes will appreciate this template.

But this was just the beginning. Yesterday I looked around the page witch had this template. Jackpot! It's called "COLORlovers" and this actually appeared to be a whole, kind of social page, dedicated to colors and patterns. There you can make your own color palette, patterns, color the patterns others made and much more. There also is a store where you can order multiple things with your colors or patterns. I immediately singed up. This is just a page for such a color freak like me :D

It was a good day for discovering ;) 

And here are few of my first creations. 


  1. Kaip smagu atrasti bendraminčių! Skaitau ir galvoju, kad tartum pati būčiau parašiusi pirmąją pastraipą! Spalvas aš be galo myliu, jomis domiuosi pusiau profesionaliai. Spalvos pakelia man nuotaiką, aš jų nebijau ne tik rankdarbiuose, bet ir savo aprangoje.

    Gera atrasti, malonu bus paskaityti! Sėkmės kūryboje ir rašyme!

    1. Dėkui Gita, labai malonu tai girdėti. Ir visada labai smagu sutikti bendraminčių ;) Visada labai lauksiu užsukant ir pati neretai pasisvečiuosiu pačios bloge. Taip pat linkiu sėkmės kūryboje!