August 17, 2012

Crochet pincushion, pentagon

Some time ago I got tired of getting my needles in and out of that special sorting box. And noticed I keep on pinning those needles in some random thread ball lying on the desk. It was clearly time for a pincushion (no idea why I didn't made it even earlier). At first, while browsing the net I found these cute flower like pincushions sawn from beautiful colorful fabric. But it took me a bunch of time to find the right fabric (I’m very particular about these kind of things), and I almost forgot why I needed it (while keeping on pinning my tread balls). And then my new found love for crocheting came. While looking for inspiration on patterns I stumbled upon this gorgeous crochet pentagon pincushion. "I have to make this!" - loud inner voice screamed.
I adapted the simple granny pentagon and it came out perfect! First one was for my mom (she‘s a seamstress so new pincushion is always welcome) and the second one for myself (of course the bright colorful one :)). They both came out very cute and fun looking. So now my needles have a respectable place to hang out :)

Now I‘m making another one, and this one will go into my shop.

August 05, 2012

Birthday wishes

This year my birthday started early. As soon as the clock struck midnight my sweethear rushed out to our other apartment (we are renovating and living at my parents, wich is in the same apartment block). I was left wondering... He came back with this gorgeous huge blue flower, a bottle of shampagne and my first gift. That just makes my love him more <3 THE morning was even more suprising as he broght cake stright in to the bed. More flowers and another gift! 
A big beautiful sunflower from my parents is still standing strong on my desk, it's like a small sun right in my room :)
This year to make easyer for everyone, i made a list of desired items. It's always nice to get the things you really need and you will actually use ( i gues practicality comes with age too :) ). So no wonder my list was as crafts orientated as posible :) I just couldn't wait to try everything out! My honey even MADE me a bead weaving loom!
Since it's very warm in here now, working with polymer clay is not very fun, so the bead maker has to wait. But there was no stoping my from taking out all of my beads and trying out the weaving loom. Oh dear, I feel some serious adiction coming! Second day - second bracelet. I literaly can't stop! You just don't feel the time passing, hours are just flying by. For now I'm planing on sticking on self made geometric patterns. But who knows there it will take me :)

Best wishes for all!