August 17, 2012

Crochet pincushion, pentagon

Some time ago I got tired of getting my needles in and out of that special sorting box. And noticed I keep on pinning those needles in some random thread ball lying on the desk. It was clearly time for a pincushion (no idea why I didn't made it even earlier). At first, while browsing the net I found these cute flower like pincushions sawn from beautiful colorful fabric. But it took me a bunch of time to find the right fabric (I’m very particular about these kind of things), and I almost forgot why I needed it (while keeping on pinning my tread balls). And then my new found love for crocheting came. While looking for inspiration on patterns I stumbled upon this gorgeous crochet pentagon pincushion. "I have to make this!" - loud inner voice screamed.
I adapted the simple granny pentagon and it came out perfect! First one was for my mom (she‘s a seamstress so new pincushion is always welcome) and the second one for myself (of course the bright colorful one :)). They both came out very cute and fun looking. So now my needles have a respectable place to hang out :)

Now I‘m making another one, and this one will go into my shop.

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  1. Smagiai nuteikiantys daikčiukai. Už rudenį praskaidrinančias šio blog'o spalvas kai ką dovanoju :)