May 12, 2012

Cup of Color on Etsy!


Do You like stories? Because I do! Let me tell You one :)

Once upon a time in a small land in the middle of Europe, there was a little girl. Surrounded and inspired by the beautiful nature of her land, she loved to draw, craft and imagine things. Every creation she made she put in this magical cup of hers. The creations made the cup bubble with color. The girl called it – Cup of Color.
But time passed and decisions had to be made. The girl chose to become a graphic designer, thinking this will be a great path to take. So she studied hard, graduated, found a wonderful job and promised to follow the path. Everything went well until – life happened. Her dreams were clouded by reality and the path didn‘t seemed so great at all.
One ordinary day, the girl (who was not so little any more) remembered her magical cup. Cup was not bubbling anymore, because there was hardly any creations in it. It was sad, so girl let her imagination fly and started creating again. Soon enough cup was bubbling with color again.
But there still was that path she chose, that promise she made. Until one day (not so ordinary apparently) opportunity showed up. She had to choose again – stay in the same cloudy path or take on this new, exiting, challenging and colorful journey. It was no brainer for the girl, she took the cup and took on the challenge with confidence.
Today the cup is more bubbly and colorful when ever, because the girl puts a lot of love and thought in her one of a kind, hand made creations. And now she is gladly sharing her creations with the world, hoping they will bring joy, love and color to others as well.

Oh, by the way, that girl is me :) and my name is Kristina.

Hope You enjoyed the story and will enjoy my creations too.You can find my creations im my shop on Etsy:
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