January 16, 2013

Red heart fever

Love day is coming! Valentine's day in modern worl is often refered as totaly comercial. And though I agree it has some true in it, for me this special day is always really special. And not just because I have my sweetheart beside me, but also because it's a lovely pretext to show your love and apreciation to ones you love and cherish. There is one more reason why i love this day, you can waere adorable accessories and no one will question you :)
So this year I finally managed to finish all the project in time and now I can proudly share this Valentine's day collection with you :)


This collection combines most of my favorite techniques - polymer clay, beading, embroidery, crochet and paper arts. Some of these pieces were more spontanious and others more thought out. But I have to admit while working on this collection I was pretty inspired all the time (something that happens extremely rare).

Here are few pieces from it.

These earrings and the ring below are made from polymer clay in this very fun knit imitating technique. Takes 
a lot of time (praise the extruder) but the result is always very cute.

I tried to take the traditional postcards to another level, so that they could be also used as a piece of decor or simply a bookmark. Lets face it, after the occasion postcard tend to end up in some random box or even in the trash, coz really how many of them you can display? So it's nice then card that came from someone you love can become something more.And making these was real fun :)

For this brooch I applyed this mixed technique of embroidery and beading. Some time ago I was making these unusual bridal earring for a friend and needed some interesting texture.In the process this french knot + bead thing happened. It looked really great and I was keen to make something with it since. 

For more pieces from this collection visit my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CupofColor

Have a great day!

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