August 14, 2013

Striping tape for beautiful nails

Striping tape
I love a beautiful manicure. Unfortunately I also lack willingness to actually do my nails. There is always some "good" excuse not to do it, like "Oh it's too late and I'm so tired" or "Think I'm gonna do some work with polymer clay next day, so I'll probably ruin my nails, so maybe next time" and so on. However from time to time I actually do my nails. And for those rear occasions I like to have some good inspiration. That's why I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to nail art and care. While admiring the gorgeous manicures all over the web I always wondered how do they do those tiny lines so perfect, is it the professionalism or is there some trick? One day I finally found out that there is this amazing striping tape. OMG! Where was that before? :) This tiny 1mm wide tape was like a miracle. It can be used to make those perfect lines or You can simply use it as a part of Your design, because they come in a range of colors. God knows why but it took me quite some time to actually buy this tape. I ordered it online, it didn't came the first time, so the seller kindly send a replacement. And finally it's here! It's so cute and tiny I love it. :) Yesterday tried it and it's great. I guess it will take some time to master it, but this is going to be fun.

These are some of my favorite designs.


So this is one of those helpful tricks that make nail art a bit more easier. But there are a lot more tips and tricks witch can help even more. Here are "27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure", I specially love this great way of removing the polish, tried it and it really works great, because removal can be a bit tricky and irritating some times.

Best wishes and may Your nails be beautiful!

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