December 03, 2012

First snow

This morning I got a little shock then I opened my window shutters - SNOW! It was white all over! Although yesterday it seemed like winter is still far away, grass was still a bit green and the temperature was still more like late autumn. Couple of days ago then I heard that most of the northern Europe was being covered in record amount of snow I was not looking forward to that. I don't like the cold and snow is always accompanied by it. But strangely enough I didn't felt unhappy or anything like that and that "Oh no!" felt forced. It actually felt kind of nice. I never argued the beauty of winter, but it felt more than just that, it felt - joyful. Our apartment started to feel even more cozy and warm. It seemed like finally You could feel Christmas coming. So first thing after breakfast I grabbed my camera and went out. It was still snowing and it got much more colder then a day ago, but it was fun. I took a walk around our apartment block stopping at almost every tree and plant it all looked so peaceful and beautiful. I even went into the other apartment that we are renovating and stood there for a minute looking through the window and imagining how it will feel when we finally move in that place.
So this is few pictures I took today. Pretty happy about them :)

Like my fiance said - the cozyness and warmth of your home is the best part of winter. And there is one more thing that makes this feeling even more pleasant and sweet - hot chocolate. Sweet and rich taste of chocolate is magic, and there are many ways to make it even more special. Today I want to share this wonderful idea from "Mrs. Fields" - Chocolate Candy Cane Stir Sticks 

All this winter stuff made me realize that Christmas is really not that far away and my presents are far from ready. Because I always love to give something handmade for my loved ones every year, getting ready is quite a task. But in the end the love you put in those handmade things always makes the diference.
So if You're also thinking of making something yourself here is some pretty neat and quite easy stuff you can make - "101 Simple handmade gift tutorials"

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