June 14, 2012

All those lovely cups

I was always fond of cups. No matter if it was a small fragile porcelain tea cup or a big heavy mug, they all made me feel warm inside. Maybe because of those cold winter evenings when you would crawl up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea. I love tea and I drink a lot of it, so no wonder my kitchen cabinet is full of different cups and mugs. Sure there is couple of my faves, but it‘s nice to mix it up from time to time. Some of those cups have a deeper meaning, gifts from dear people or souvenirs from great trips. But there are few of those witch I bought just because they were pretty. Recently I discovered it‘s starting to look like a small collection. One day I thought to myself „Why not!?“. Soon after that my brand was born and my love for cups had made and impact on it too! Now I have a good excuse for buying cups just because they look interesting J  So cups where on my mind then I was participating in this kind of flee market. I found few very beautiful cups, sadly they were sold only as a whole set (not very good for my small space issue). But I did bought couple of very nice pieces. So happy!

This is actually a vintage "Coaching Taverns" Royal Tudor Ware cup from England. It's probably from  1940'. It's very cracked and stained, but it makes it even more charming.
Displaying this collection is quite an issue. Our new flat is very small, but thankfully we have an opportunity to renovate the way we want. So the question now is how to make the best of this small space. Looking for a good idea I found quite few, maybe not very suitable in my case, but very interesting and beautiful.


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  1. I love coffee and tea...and I *love*little cups and mugs and teapots.... I think a collection sounds like fun! :)